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Ultimate Health Program

There are two reasons why the tissue (muscle, bone, joints, ligaments, tendons, organs) in your body will break down and become symptomatic.

The first reason is when there is too much pressure on the tissue it will malfunction. The second reason is when there’s not enough nutritional support to heal it properly.

We solve both of these problems with our ultimate health program. How?

First, we do a blood draw and analyze the results. Any values that are outside the normal range we relate back to which organs or systems are affected.

We then give you specific nutritional support for those organs and systems to maximize their function.

Second we do an allergy test for 154 different foods. We then design a program to reduce pressure on your tissues and maximize function.

After 45 days we repeat the blood draw and alter the nutritional supplements.

At 90 days we do a third blood draw and alternate the nutritional supplements.

This program has a one time fee and is all inclusive. All of the blood draws, analyses, nutritional supplements, weight-loss program, food allergy testing, and visits with Dr Pursley are included.

The end result is improved health, reduce symptoms, and better function of your body.

Dr. Greg Pursley

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